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BPP as Main Contractors and Developers are active in Building Construction, Construction of Civil Engineering, Construction of Infrastructure, Construction of Utilities, Mechanical and Electrical services, Focusing on an innovative, more industrial construction method, BPP has developed a distinctive portfolio of modular products for residential and non-residential construction, which can be used for new buildings and renovation.


We also increasingly use prefabricat ed elements and a standardized approach within infrastructure projects to increase quali ty, reduce costs and create value. Under controlled conditions, this construction method provides not only increased efficiency and constant quality, but above all leads to sustainability gains. With a widespread network of specialists in all disciplines, we create value for our clients and achieve outstanding performance in relation to maintenance, innovation and the expansion of built-up environments. We are recognized and acknowledged for the quality and reliability of our products and services, as well as for the commitment, knowledge and experience of our people. 

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