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Applying our deep market sector insights and collective design, consultancy, engineering, project and management services – as well as construction and operational activities in real estate development, infrastructure, energy and oil & gas projects – we work in partnership with our clients to create exceptional and sustainable outcomes throughout the life-cycle of their natural and built assets.


A community is much more than just a place for people to live and do business. Communities are the heart of a country and its economic and cultural well-being. Each with their own distinct personalities and needs.

To achieve an all-encompassing, long-lasting and climate resilient vision for com- munities, district or developments, one needs to start with the detail. We provide comprehensive approaches to urban development planning and design, smart transportation, climate resilient communities and buildings. We create viable and durable programs and plans which not only help create, build or maintain places of distinction, but also ones ready to compete on a global platform.


Our people understand the need to accurately advise financial feasibility, design, engineering, costs and procurement at planning stage, ensuring a development or programme is both economically and environmentally viable for many years to come.

At BPP, we work alongside our clients to create the right strategy, manage and mitigate risk, and assure the outcomes to meet our clients’ business objectives and create exceptional value.

Disputes in the construction and engineering sectors can be extremely difficult to identify, assess and resolve. Delays, disruption and potentially huge financial costs not only drain the resources of project owners, but can also potentially place projects or businesses in jeopardy. Our experience in avoiding, mitigating or resolving disputes have helped to overcome even the most complex of challenges.


Organizing the creation and execution of projects in infrastructure, utilities, real es- tate, oil & gas, and marine for some of the most complex and iconic programs of work no easy task. Financial feasibility, financing, budgets, health and safety, time-frames and the large number of parties involved can be daunting.

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